Texture shows are the up and coming era of show stands. Presented following advancements in print innovation, texture shows are printed utilizing the most recent computerized color sublimation. This prevalent printing technique consolidated with the consistent appearance and conveyability of the stands make these presentations to a great degree beneficial over conventional showcases.

Right off the bat, there are three sorts of texture show stands, the first is the most well known alternative that comprises of a printed “texture sock” that is extended over a metal tubular casing.

The following are Hop Up Displays, which have a concertina outline that the texture is connected to. The designs is consistently joined and can be contracted and extended with the adaptability of the texture. When open, any wrinkles are extended, leaving a consistent level surface.

Finally, strain lightbox illustrations are texture shows that are extended over a metal edge and can be effortlessly illuminated utilizing LED lighting boards. Pressure illustrations are printed texture boards which have a silicone dot sewed to each edge of the texture. This is then effortlessly pushed into an opening inside the metal casing extending the texture over the edge. With the texture being effortlessly embedded into the casing, the show boards can be effectively changed by the end client.

Excellent Print

With late progressions, textures would now be able to be printed with an indistinguishable determination and quality from conventional show stands. Texture shows utilize color sublimation procedures to give a high caliber, clear print that is powerful and synthetically clung to the material. Since the ink is vaporized into the texture as opposed to over, it implies the print is more solid as is won’t rub off, split or blur like the print on customary showcases. A concoction bond is in this way significantly more grounded than mechanical bonds in procedures, for example, UV print and Inkjet.


Boards can be made to any size with our printers ready to print up to 3.2m in width. Conventional printing systems utilizing materials, for example, PVC would utilize various pieces to make a solitary expansive realistic. While the creases can be shrouded it is frequently the case you can see a white fringe of the material. To get a consistent complete on these showcases would take splendidly arranging the creases and setting aside opportunity to modify until unnoticeable. Though texture shows are made of one piece texture that is extended to keep tight, and are along these lines significantly less tedious and result in a consistent complete easily.


All texture shows are very convenient, on the grounds that their lightweight aluminum outline separates, and the realistic boards can be collapsed up and stored taken care of alongside the tubular casing. This makes it light and simple to transport. The realistic board additionally creases down a ton littler than a PVC board printed to a similar size. You likewise don’t need to stress over wrinkling texture designs as when they are connected to the edge their versatility extends them and keeps the illustrations rigid.


Texture shows are significantly more advantageous to amass and move than conventional show stands. Their photographic quality prints and consistent appearance makes texture shows not just simpler for set ups at presentations and occasions, however will likewise guarantee an exceptional show that emerges from the group.

We trust this has been a profitable asset and causes you settle on an educated choice for your next presentation show. At Andesign we have more than 20 years of involvement in presentation print and signage.

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