Megan Blankenbiller Obituary – Death Cause; Passed Away

Megan Blankenbiller Obituary – In the last video posted on her TikTok account, Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller begged her supporters not to mess up the same way she did — holding back to get the COVID-19 immunization — that in the end cost her life.

In one video, she scattered the confusion that the individuals who are immunized can’t get COVID-19 and clarified that it assists your body with withstanding the infection on the off chance that you do get it. In her next, she said she’d been hesitant to get the antibody.

In her last video, recorded in a medical clinic bed as the others had been.

She was not against antibodies but rather had been setting aside effort to research and needed to get inoculated simultaneously as her family — a choice she said she came to lament.

Blankenbiller passed on nine days after her last video was posted Aug. 15.

She was 31. Prior to her demise, she’d planned to get immunized with her mom and sisters, yet she became debilitated before she had the option to get the immunization.

Blankenbiller’s story is like numerous that have been partaken lately of the individuals who didn’t get inoculated yet, subsequent to contracting COVID-19, wished they had. A portion of those individuals have started empowering others to have the chance. Wellbeing authorities have said they trust these accounts will raise immunization rates and save lives.

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