Haunted Mine Drop Ride Video – Update

Haunted Mine Drop Ride Video – Colorado specialists presently say they know why a 6-year-old young lady died riding a carnival ride on Sept. 5.

Wongel Estifanos was riding the Haunted Mine Drop ride at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park when she tumbled to the lower part of the fascination’s 110-foot shaft.

Specialists with Colorado’s Amusement Rides and not settled that Estifanos was not wearing a safety belt when the ride began, as indicated by a report delivered Saturday.

While surveying reconnaissance, not set in stone Estifanos sat on top of the ride’s two safety belts. She had the option to sit on top of the ride’s hooked safety belts because the seat she boarded was empty on the past ride cycle.

Moreover, the ride administrator had not unlatched the safety belts after the past ride cycle.

So when Estifanos showed up, she plunked down in the seat without the safety belt got around her.

This set off the control arrangement of the ride to sound a caution, alarming the ride administrator that there was an issue.

The ride administrator researched the issue, pulling on the tails of the safety belts to ensure they were completely locked appropriately. In doing this, the ride administrator pulled on Estifanos’ safety belt tail to demonstrate that it was hooked into the lock. The ride administrator didn’t see that the safety belt was not appropriately around her lap.

The ride actually would not begin, so the ride administrator called one more administrator to help.

The helping ride administrator utilized a manual supersede to open the restrictions. This ride administrator then, at that point, eliminated and reinserted all the safety belt locks.

They then reverified Estifanos’ safety belts, making a similar mistake as the principal ride administrator – neglecting to see that the safety belt ties were under Estifanos rather than safely across her lap.

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