Lori Bova Missing – Lori Bova’s Disappearance Still Haunts Family

Lori Bova Missing – Lori Bova, 26, disappeared on June 8, 1997, in Lakewood. Right up ’til today, she has never been found.

Her significant other, Tyrone Bova, told police they had a battle that late spring night. He detailed that Lori went out for a stroll to get some air, and she never returned home.

Before the supposed battle, the Lakewood-Busti Police office says Tyrone and Lori went out to supper at Red Lobster on Fairmount Avenue to commend her sister Renee Shutter’s advancement. As indicated by Renee, Lori appeared to be tense all through the evening.

Lori worked at Kay Jewelers with her other sister, Jennifer Shields. Jennifer said Lori was exceptionally close with her whole family.

Lori’s sisters say it didn’t bode well that she would stray alone so late.

Previous Lakewood-Busti Police Department Sergeant Paul Gustafson devoted most of his profession to Lori’s case. He was on the job as a patrolman the day Tyrone revealed Lori missing, and surprisingly now in retirement, has not surrendered trust that the case will be tackled.

He added that there were a few people of interest who may have known where Lori may be.

Lori’s sisters told 2 On Your Side that Tyrone Bova died a couple of years prior after moving out of state, leaving the family without replies.

Lori Bova was 26 when she vanished from Lakewood in 1997. Lori’s family last saw her at a supper festivity, and her sister says she appeared to be tense the entire time. Bova’s significant other later told police he had a battle with Lori sometime thereafter, and she went out to get some air and never returned.

Quattrone said they are likewise centered around the instances of 36-year-old Corrie Anderson and 26-year-old Lori Bova.

Anderson disappeared in October of 2008. She was most recently seen leaving a vehicle sales center in the City of Jamestown and when she didn’t make an appearance to get her child from school, her family got stressed and announced her missing.

Bova was most recently seen in Lakewood, NY after eating with her better half, sister, and brother by marriage. Her better half announced she took a stroll after a contention and never returned.

Quattrone said they had the option to acquire dental records for Bova and Anderson however not Laemmerhirt. He said recognizable proof could take 1 to 2 weeks and an intensive examination of the remaining parts could be as long as a month.

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