Cassidy Rainwater Missing – Investigation Continues

Cassidy Rainwater Missing – Two Missouri men are dealing with indictments after investigators say they kept a missing lady secured an enclosure on their property, as indicated by court records.

Timothy L. Norton and James D. Phelps are each accused of one count of first-degree seizing, working with a lawful offense, incurring injury, and threatening, a class B crime.

As per court reports, on Sept. 16, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office was reached by a FBI specialist in Kansas City about a mysterious tip.

The insider prompted there was a photograph showing a missing individual, Cassidy Rainwater, being held in an enclosure in a to some extent naked state.

On Aug. 25, the law requirement took a report of a missing individual, Cassidy Rainwater, who was most recently seen a month and a half preceding the report.

As of Tuesday, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has not delivered extra subtleties on Cassidy Rainwater’s area or status, yet said in a Facebook post that there’s no impending risk to people in general.

The last individual to have seen her was James Phelps, as per court reports.

On Sept. 1, a criminal investigator addressed Phelps at his home in Lebanon. He said that Cassidy had been remaining with him until she could recover financially, court records say. He said she had been looking at going to Colorado.

As per court reports, Phelps enlightened the criminal investigator that a month earlier, Cassidy left in the center of the evening and met a vehicle toward the finish of the carport in obscurity and had not been seen or heard from since.

On Sept. 16, examiners got a court order for James Phelps’ cell, and court records say they discovered seven photographs of Cassidy Rainwater to some extent bare being held in an enclosure on his property on Moon Valley Road in Lebanon in Dallas County.

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