Missing 3 Year Old Grimes County – Search Continues for 3-Year-Old Boy

Missing 3 Year Old Grimes County – The mother of a missing 3-year-old kid in Grimes County says she trusts her child was stolen. Nonetheless, law authorization authorities say unfairness or kidnapping isn’t suspected as of now.

Christopher Ramirez was most recently seen around 1:30 p.m. on October 6 in the 10,000 square of Deer Park Lane in Plantersville, Texas.

On Thursday, the missing kid’s mom addressed general society, saying she trusts her child was stolen.

Christopher’s family said they were emptying their vehicle when he started playing with a neighbor’s canine.

The mother claims she had turned her back for around two minutes and when she pivoted, her child was no more. She said a neighbor told her they saw Christopher pursuing their canine. The mother said she shouted her child’s name and started running, however never heard a reply.

The mother forged ahead, saying her child never goes in the road without his folks, and argued for help in tracking down the missing kid.

When gotten some information about the mother’s cases, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said no unfairness or kidnapping is suspected right now. He kept, saying no dependable leads or tips have been given that recommend a snatching or injustice. Sheriff Sowell affirmed that the neighbor’s canine did indeed return without the kid.

Two dozen law implementation offices have joined the quest for Christopher, carrying K9s and robots to space. Specialists say the shelter of the woods is exceptionally thick, making it difficult to look even with search and salvage helicopters.

Thursday evening, Sheriff Sowell settled on the choice to siphon and deplete a lake situated close to the site where the youngster is accounted for missing. Anderson Fire, Shiro Fire, The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and Hazmat International depleted the lake and discovered nothing. Numerous FBI Agents helped on the scene.

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