Josh Moniz Accident – Josh Moniz Suffers Neck Injury

Josh Moniz Accident – Josh Moniz, the sibling of Seth and Kelia, cleared out while riding Supertubos, close to Peniche, Portugal, “hitting the sand with violence” and must be shipped to the emergency clinic through a rescue vehicle.

It was toward the finish of this Thursday morning, October seventh, that Joshua Moniz, in the wake of hitting a cylindrical wave on the seashore of Supertubos in Peniche, fell defenselessly having hit the sand with brutality. His companions immediately carried him to the sand and called 112.

The Hawaiian is a Pipeline champion from the much-cherished family who was visiting the area in front of the Challenger series. A nearby educated me that Moniz must be hauled out of the water by companions and was hurried to Lisbon by helicopter after his first stop at the neighborhood emergency clinic.

Surf cams found him being stacked into the emergency vehicle.

Data only, from a source near the family, affirmed the mishap.

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