Mom Leaps 82 Feet to Death – Thrill-Seeking Mom Leaped 82 Feet

Mom Leaps 82 Feet to Death – A rush chasing, the 33-year-old mother of three jumped to her demise from a lodging roof in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, on Sunday when a “rope-free flying” bounce turned out badly.

A frightening vacationer video shows Yevgenia Leontyeva, who was purportedly an accomplished jumper, tranquilly venturing over the edge of the lodging housetop before diving 82 feet to the ground beneath. Spectators can be heard shouting in the recording as Leontyeva collides with the asphalt and is hauled 12 feet sideways into a divider.

Leontyeva was supposedly raced to the medical clinic, where she got a crisis medical procedure, at the end of the day surrendered to her wounds.

The incident happened after the lady was given the thumbs up before the coordinator could affix her wellbeing rope to the tree, the power source announced. All things being equal, he was grasping the lifesaver when she went all in.

Accordingly, Leontyeva plunged 82 feet to the ground beneath and was hauled 12 feet sideways into a divider. In the interim, the power of her fall yanked the rope-holding coordinator to the floor, as found in the unedited video.

The thrill-seeker was promptly raced to the clinic, where she got a crisis medical procedure.

Notwithstanding their earnest attempts, Leontyeva surrendered to her wounds.

Her security rope was supposedly not affixed to a tree when Leontyeva ventured out, with the coordinator purportedly possibly holding her help when she bounced down to her demise. She dove more than 82 feet to the ground, reaching a stopping point 12 feet from her.

She was quickly shipped off a clinic, where lifesaving crisis techniques were endeavored to keep her alive without any result.

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