Mother God Cause of Death – The Ascension of Mother God

Mother God Cause of Death – Around evening time’s scene of Dateline dives into the inward universe of Amy Carlson, a lady who professed to be God and was preserved and enhanced with sparkle and Christmas lights by her faction supporters after her passing.

Amy Carlson let her supporters know that she was God manifest on Earth, yet she cautioned that soon she would climb. During her last years alive Amy was frequently intoxicated and aggressive. She likewise turned a shade of blue/dark because of the colloidal silver she would ingest.

Her supporters additionally sold colloidal silver, which they guaranteed to fix a large group of illnesses, including COVID-19. An incidental effect is a permeant difference in skin tone. Amy was a drunkard and experienced different issues which might have included malignant growth. Her judgments are obscure because she didn’t get clinical assistance. Eventually, she requested that her devotees take her to a clinic, however, they denied it because she lectured against traditional medication.

After Amy kicked the bucket, her adherents saved her body for quite a long time before it was found in April 2021 in a house outside Crestone, Colorado. They put the sparkle in her eye attachments and hung her body in electric lights. They accepted that she had climbed to a new, Fifth, measurement.

Her reason for death is as yet unclear, yet as of July 2021, the coroner was trying her body for weighty decorations because she was utilizing colloidal silver. Her adherents brought in cash by selling colloidal silver and different enhancements. In 2020, the group got an admonition from the FDA for asserting that colloidal silver could fix COVID-19.

After her body was found by specialists, seven of the individuals were captured for messing with a carcass as and kid misuse. The charges were dropped in September 2021, with no explanation given to people in general.

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