Alex Parkes Obituary – Alex Parkes Cause of Death

Alex Parkes Obituary – Alexander Nicholas Parkes, 29 years, left his body at home in Franklin, TN, on October 13, 2021, even though we realize his dauntless soul lives on with us.

Alex was conceived on March 3, 1992, in Nashville, Tennessee.

An excited kid and enthusiastic man, Alex was both a caring sibling and a thistle in the side of his three sisters. As kin do, they cherished and battled, supporting each other when required, and annoying each other when not.

Alex grew up playing hockey with his dad and moved to play lacrosse through secondary school. Notwithstanding his dainty and wiry edge, he took on powerlifting further down the road – indeed, he effortlessly took up all actual difficulties he could imagine, from climbing, climbing, and bouldering, to the tranquility of fly-fishing.

Very inventive and effectively distractable, Alex had a consistent stream of leisure activities. As a kid, it was fly tying, blacksmithing, and carpentry; all the more as of late, knapping and planting were added to his collection, among others. With an exceptional green thumb, each plant he contacted went to life and excellence.

Not to be neglected is his adoration for creatures. Growing up, Alex was a sharp equestrian, taking part in the Middle Tennessee Pony Club and hunting with the Hillsboro Hounds. However, Alex had a savage and extraordinary connection to canines. His latest canine, Emmy, was a side of the road get that he was unable to remain to cruise by. Despite starting dissent from the little guy, he brought her home and made her family.

A remarkable heartfelt, Alex fell immovable for Katie Hudson Parkes, the ideal counterpart for him, while in Utah in 2018. They were hitched on a lovely spring day, April 10, 2021. Showering each other with generosity and backing, their thriving adoration was delightful to watch.

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