Baba Gloria Twitter – Baba Gloria Goes Viral

Baba Gloria Twitter – A man named Baba Gloria became well known on Twitter after sending an unseemly photograph in a burial service WhatsApp bunch. After the demise of Mr. Njuki, the party was set up to raise assets from family members. After Baba Gloria sent the photographs to the gathering during the raising money conversation, the individuals scoffed.

The screen capture which couldn’t be shared by Viral Tea as it was exceptionally expressed showed Baba Gloria’s message shipped off a burial service commitment bunch which a mysterious part caught and uncovered on Twitter.

Baba Gloria was requested by certain individuals from the discussion to promptly pull down the photograph.

On a day loaded up with legislative issues and the President commending his 60th birthday celebration, no one anticipated that Baba Gloria should spring up among the top Twitter patterns from Tuesday evening, October 26.

In any case, Kenyans On Twitter (KOT), known for transforming a drilling climate into an electric situation, made images out of Baba Gloria.

The righteous man felt remorseful for harming his congregation and the few individuals he trusted throughout the time of his time there.

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