Michael Myers Homophobic Twitter – Halloween’s Bone-Chilling Villain

Michael Myers Homophobic Twitter – The long-running Halloween establishment has generally centered around the impacts of Myers and his frenzies on the Stroke Family – and Halloween Kills is no special case for that practice. The movie is an immediate spin-off of 2018’s Halloween which finished with the veiled executioner being caught in-hero Laurie Strode’s consuming house.

Notwithstanding, fans discover in the new film that the chronic executioner got away from the copying house with assistance from firemen – who he in the end killed – and continued to go on a dangerous frenzy.

At a certain point in Halloween Kills, Myers gets back to his youth home and tracks down a clueless gay couple living there. The men – who are named Big John and Little John – acknowledged somebody is in their home and looking for the gatecrasher. Yet, rather than surviving the ordeal, they’re killed by Myers.

The scene worked up the conversation on Twitter for certain individuals marking Michael Myers “homophobic” for killing the couple.

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