Netflix Fort Monmouth – Part of Former N.J. Army Base

Netflix Fort Monmouth – Netflix, which unobtrusively opened a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn last month, needs to settle in New Jersey too and said Tuesday it intends to offer for a site at the Fort Monmouth army installation.

The state is taking offers over a multi-day period through Jan. 12 to foster the extremely old, 89-section of land area that was shut in 2011.

It didn’t uncover the proposition cost. The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority has esteemed the site at $54 million yet has gotten higher offers beforehand.

Neighborhood free film and TV creation organization Phiphen Pictures last week reported designs to fabricate another after creation office in Englewood Cliffs.

The blast of decorations and content in addition to repressed interest set off by a re-visitation of creation by film and TV has made studio space scant. Netflix just opened a 170,000-square-foot studio in Bushwick with six soundstages. Two series, Ryan Murphy’s The Watcher and dramatization Jigsaw, are shooting there.

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