Missing Crystal Garcia – Missing San Antonio Woman

Missing Crystal Garcia – The San Antonio police said Thursday that a body found in a field along York Creek Road in Comal County on Wednesday, 22 October, could be that of 32-year-old Crystal Garcia, a mother of four from San Antonio.

As per the report Crystal has been on the missing individual rundown since September 17. Garcia’s mom called the police for a government assistance mind Saturday when she didn’t come to get her twin girls.

The agents visited Garcia’s condo on Wurzbach Road and found the lights on and her vehicle in the parking garage.

Further examinations drove them to find blood in the room just as hints of blood that have been tidied up in different spaces of the loft.

A surveillance camera that had been in the kitchen was missing yet a camera from the high rise showed a man entering her condo and afterward leaving with a hardcore trash container.

the point that she quit relaxing” before driving off with the body to San Marcos.

Police arrested Garcia Ventura on Sunday minutes before he was to board a transport made a beeline for Mexico City.

As of Wednesday, Garcia Ventura stayed in prison on a $200,000 bond on an accuse of altering of proof.

The Comal County Sheriff’s Office at first began examining the case yet gave it to the San Antonio police after deciding the lady was killed here.

The body, as per the police, was seen after a synergistic hunt led by San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), New Braunfels police, and the Comal County Sheriff’s Office.

It was found on Wednesday night in a field along York Creek Road close to Interstate 35 after an assertion from a relative of the suspect limited the pursuit.

The Central Texas Autopsy is attempting to distinguish the found remaining parts, and the cycle could require a few days before they can affirm the casualty’s character.

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