Octavio Ocana Death Video – Video Of Octavio Ocaña’s Accident

Octavio Ocana Death Video – There has been a miserable end of Octavia Ocana who is an entertainer, Mexico woke up on Saturday on 30th October with aggravation in their heart as the entertainer has died, he was popular for assuming the part of Benito Rivers which he played for a long time in the series “Neighbors”, he has kicked the bucket on Friday. As indicated by the Mexico press, it is being expressed that he was shot to death while he was attempting to escape from the police, he vanquished people in general from the actual beginning of his presentation in the year 2004, Benito was the child of Frankie Rivers and Lorena Ruiz, the characters of Ana Bertha Espin and Cesar Bono has been played separately by the entertainers.

Two others have not been recognized at this point, it has been additionally expressed by the sources that they were extremely near the examination, Ocana and his colleagues were being halted by the specialists as they were on the parkway, they were being halted for being purportedly inebriated however rather than halting, they escaped from that point, Ocana was the person who was driving at that point.

A couple of moments cruised by, in full pursuit, the truck hit another private vehicle and following a couple of moments, the shot heard which is being expressed as the justification behind the passing of the entertainer, the weapon had a place with the expired, even though it is by all accounts hazy concerning who has pulled the trigger.

One of the police officers is seeing enter the vehicle from the side of the co-pilot and he is seen playing out certain moves, there is another cop who moves toward the driver’s window and is announcing something through his radio. A couple of meters from the scene there are four police officers, one of them is seen stifling the subject who purportedly went with the entertainer.

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