Travis Henry Injury – Derrick Henry’s Injury Could Alter AFC Playoff Picture

Travis Henry Injury – On Monday morning, the Tennessee Titans got the kind of information that each establishment fears. Star running back Derrick Henry, who has been on a memorable run throughout the last couple of seasons, could have a season-finishing foot injury after the group’s new rebound prevailed upon the Indianapolis Colts.

The aggregate heave you heard was the NFL everywhere, in addition to the shock and dissatisfaction of Titans fans. Henry is an easily recognized name now and the association’s officeholder surging forerunner in every one of the beyond two seasons. Henry could in any case complete among the best this season with his physical issue given his current lead in the class. He’s a man among young men at the position who previously had 937 yards through 8 games. (That is almost 300 yards more than Jonathan Taylor of the Colts in runner-up.)

Bosses Kingdom should in any case have an exceptionally new vision of what the Titans can do to them given that Henry and friends just cleaned the floor with them in Week 7. The Titans have been having some fantastic luck with continuous successes over the Buffalo Bills, Chiefs, and presently Colts. They’re up by three games in their division (the AFC South) before the midpoint of the period is even here (recall the ordinary season goes to 17 games now).

It isn’t so much that Henry was too instrumental in the Titans’ success over the Chiefs—in any event assuming you just read the container score. The Chiefs’ run guard helped out the occupation of restricting Henry to pitiful yards, and Nick Bolton truly made an appearance to play with various handles for misfortune in the Titans’ backfield. In any case, the Titans could unpleasantly do what they needed due to Henry’s essence. The Chiefs (and every other group) need to make a solid effort to represent Henry that leaves Ryan Tannehill a lot of time to find his weapons in the play-activity game.

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