Ashley Footer Accident – MU Student Killed after Car Crash

Ashley Footer Accident – College of Missouri understudy Ashley Footer, 19, died on Saturday night after a two-vehicle crash the week before.

Footer was genuinely harmed following an accident on Tuesday night with a presumed tanked driver.

Footer was going left onto Highway 163 when Columbia occupant Duncan McCracking, 24, was driving south on Highway 163, ran a red light, and hit her vehicle.

McCracking was captured on doubt of driving affected by liquor, bringing about genuine injury and inability to comply with a traffic light gadget. As of Monday, there were no accessible court records about his charges.

Footer’s wounds incorporated a wrecked femur, pelvis, and lower right leg, a few other stomach wounds, and enlarging in the cerebrum, as per her dad.

The GoFundMe page has raised more than $30,000. The family doesn’t have clinical protection.

Footer is from Kansas City and moved on from Park Hill High School. She has three different kin, including a twin sister. She was concentrating on humanism at MU.

Her last resting spot will be in her mom’s nation of origin of Turkey, in her beloved shoreline town of Urla, as indicated by her dad.

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