Reddit Cod Vanguard – Fun Filler that Won’t Live Long in the Memory

Reddit Cod Vanguard – Vanguard will not join the pantheon of Call of Duty games, however, it’s a respectable band-aid for those sitting tight for Modern Warfare’s return.

It seems like a temporary year for Call of Duty. Engineer Sledgehammer Games ends up sandwiched in the middle of the super sub-marks that are Modern Warfare and Black Ops and has created fun filler for fans to continue ahead with. Everything’s all good or awful or unpleasant in this re-visitation of World War 2, however, Vanguard doesn’t do anything outstandingly.

That re-visitation of World War 2 feels like an exhausting decision of setting. Heavy hammer’s phenomenal Call of Duty: WW2 made the way for the long-running shooter series for me, and after strolling through I’ve burned through a very long time in this new Call of Duty metaverse (sorry). In any case, I battle to get energized for one more Call of Duty set in World War 2 – regardless of Sledgehammer’s best work to reframe narrating.

The story, this time around, spins around a modest bunch of World War 2 legends culled from different unified countries that consolidate to shape Task Force One – a youngster spec operations group that goes about as an antecedent of the exceptional powers we know today. The mission starts close to the furthest limit of World War 2, with the Nazis crushed and in confusion. There is a mysterious plot to see the Third Reich live on, and Task Force One is sent in to penetrate Germany on the calm to end it.

In truth, there’s nothing in the Vanguard lobby we haven’t found in Call of Duty previously. There’s nothing here that approaches the nerve-destroying Clean House mission from Infinity Ward’s 2019 Modern Warfare. Indeed, even Black Ops Cold War had a go at a new thing, with its Hitman-Esque penetration of the KGB base camp in Moscow, refuge center region, side missions, and even intel assembling and puzzle addressing. From what I can assemble, the Vanguard lobby doesn’t have any collectibles.

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