Kingery Tiktok Drama – TikToker Officer Kingery’s Account Disappears

Kingery Tiktok Drama – Following allegations of rape contrary to TikTok content material materials maker Officer Kingery, the cop’s record has vanished, close by close by alongside his Instagram.

Official Charlie Kingery is a maker on TikTok with more than 2 million supporters, who acquired acknowledgment for his movies about being all through the police energy. He’s an individual from the Lawrence Police Division, and has ahead of time showed up on season 3 of TV flow ‘Dwell PD.’

Not long after, customers saw that his record had been deactivated, close by close by alongside his Instagram account.

It’s in the mediating time not satisfactory if or when he intends to make a re-visitation of TikTok at any degree or further arrangement with the claims contrary to him.

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