Tiktok Hand Signals for Help – Missing Teen Rescued

Tiktok Hand Signals for Help – A missing young person from North Carolina was saved by Kentucky police after she motioned for help by utilizing a hand motion known on TikTok to address viciousness at home, as indicated by police.

The 16-year-old from Asheville, North Carolina, was accounted for missing by her folks on Tuesday, as indicated by the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky. On Thursday, a driver in Kentucky called 911 to report seeing a young lady in trouble in a vehicle on the highway.

The hand motion is a one-gave sign somebody can utilize when in trouble, as indicated by the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Somebody utilizing the sign holds their hand up with their palm looking out, then, at that point, gets their thumb into their hand and afterward shuts their fingers to trap thumb.

The individual who called 911 remained behind the vehicle for seven miles handing-off data to police, as per WYMT. Police had the option to pull over the vehicle and salvage the high schooler.

The suspect initially took the high schooler from North Carolina to Ohio where he has family members, police said. They left Ohio once his family members discovered the youngster was a minor and revealed absent, as indicated by police.

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