Missing Girl Waimanalo – Adoptive Parents Charged

Missing Girl Waimanalo – The new parents of 6-year-old Isabella “Ariel” Kalua, whose revealed vanishing in mid-September started a huge, multi-office search locally, were captured Wednesday following a strike at their home and accordingly accused of homicide.

Isaac and Lehua Kalua are both being held without bail.

At a news gathering Wednesday evening, Honolulu Police Department authorities portrayed two individuals who had been lying from the beginning ― down to when they last saw Isabella alive.

Maj. Ben Moszkowicz, top of the Criminal Investigation Division, said examiners accept the young lady was killed in mid-August. That is an entire month before she was accounted for missing.

Isabella’s body has not been recuperated. Searches of the Kaluas’ property proceed, notwithstanding.

Around 7:20 a.m., vigorously equipped HPD and Specialized Services Division units raged the Waimanalo house where Isabella resided with her kin and new parents.

With firearms drawn, officials set off streak bangs and brought assenting mother Lehua Kalua out in binds. Isaac Kalua was subsequently captured at the Pearl Harbor shipyard, where he works.

Isabella was accounted for missing in mid-September, setting off a weeks-in length search helped by droves of local area volunteers. There was never any hint of her found.

Moszkowicz focused on that the examination is still exceptionally dynamic, not least of which since her remaining parts have not yet been found. Police wouldn’t examine what they accept to be the young lady’s reason for death.

The Kalua’s revealed Isabella missing on Sept. 12.

They let the police know that she had last been seen the past evening in her room on Puha Street. Isabella’s new parents guaranteed her as often as possible rested outside.

Lawyer William Harrison, who was helping the Kaluas, said in September that the family had been helping police however didn’t take an interest in the pursuit as a result of online dangers.

Lt. Deena Thoemmes said on Wednesday that the Kaluas quit participating, nonetheless.

She said at first the couple even let police into their home and gave explanations. However, as the examination proceeded, their two quit helping the police.

Examiners additionally said that improvements over the most recent 10 days prompted the couple’s capture.

The young lady’s organic family and volunteers, in the interim, have held revitalization in Waimanalo before the Kalua house and at Child Welfare Services expecting to find more solutions.

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