Jashya Moore Found – Authorities Offer $20,000 Reward

Jashya Moore Found – A compensation of $20,000 is being presented for data about missing New Jersey 14-year-old Jashyah Moore, whose mother accepts was taken without wanting to.

The East Orange teenager evaporated back on October 14, after she was most recently seen inside Poppies Deli.

Recently let reconnaissance video out of the US Quick Food Mart in East Orange shows the teenager entering the store that morning with a more established man. The recording shows her putting a few packaged refreshments on the counter, which the man pays for before the two of them leave together.

As indicated by authorities, the young lady next halted at Poppies Deli, where she was most recently seen. She was with that equivalent more seasoned man, as indicated by staff at the store.

Police affirm that they have addressed the man found in the video and that he is helping out their examination.

Jashyah was wearing khaki jeans, a dark coat, and dark boots the day she vanished.

On that day, Jashyah ventured out from home at around 7:30 a.m. to get a few basic foods for her mom.

She lost the EBT card that she had utilized, so her mom advised her to remember her means in trust she may track down it.

The high schooler’s irritated stepfather is an East Orange cop who is confronting an attack charge for an episode last year in Irvington.

At Tuesday’s public interview, specialists uncovered they are increasing their determination to share Jashyah’s case via online media, accepting it very well may be settled with a tip from the local area.

Searches have been done for the missing young lady however have turned up no indication of her.

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