The Death of the Bifold Door – A Design Cliché that’s Cold in Winter

The Death of the Bifold Door – The Georgians had evenness and extravagant fenestration; the Victorians gave us red blocks and William Morris; the postbellum development brought us smooth draftsmen and furniture to coordinate. However, when history specialists come to allude to 21st-century homegrown plans, it will be characterized by the glass box expansion and bi-folding entryways.

Regularly found on the rear of a period patio or 1930s semi that has been thumped through to make “open-plan living space”, it may have its underlying foundations in soothing Californian ocean side design. However, it has developed into an exceptionally British advancement exemplifying a few public fixations: bringing the “outside-in”, so you have a free perspective on nearby’s shed; engaging, albeit regularly the most engaging viewpoint is grappling with the bifold component when the sky (unavoidably)

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