Football Player Beats Wife Video – Bill Belichick and John Madden

Football Player Beats Wife Video – Previous NFL running back Zac Stacy barbarously assaulted his ex and mom of their youngster, smacking her upside the head and whipping her with a TV and a household item, pictures that were caught on record.

Everything began when Stacy responded fiercely during a contention with his ex, tossing a few punches to the lady’s face, who fell on a sofa, directly close to where their five-month-old child was sitting.

Promptly, the previous NFL player snatched her by the arm and mercilessly tossed her against a TV. The TV fell on the lady, who was lying on the floor harming from the blows and asking Stacy to quiet down.

At the point when it appeared to be that Stacy would leave the spot, he returned and took steps to toss an item at his ex; after making a few cases to her with regards to their bombed relationship, the previous NFL running back took the lady off the ground and whipped her a subsequent time, this time on a fun seat.

Stacy was drafted by St. Louis in 2013. After 2 seasons with the Rams, he joined the New York Jets in 2015 and later played in the Canadian Football League and the Alliance of American Football (AAF).

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