Noah Claire Missing – Missing 3-year-old Noah Clare

Noah Claire Missing – An AMBER Alert has been given for Noah Clare after the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) overhauled the instance of the missing three-year-old kid of Gallatin.

Noah Clare has been absent since Nov. 5. Specialists trust his dad, Jacob Clare, left Kentucky with Noah and his missing cousin Amber Clare either late Friday, November 5, or early Saturday, November 6, to drop off Noah, yet they never showed up in Gallatin.

Jacob was most recently seen driving a dim Subaru Legacy, with Tennessee label 42MY10. Specialists said stickers on the vehicle being referred to have been taken out since the underlying alarm.

Monday, specialists said both Noah and Amber might have moved north to Michigan. However, Tuesday evening, TBI tweeted that the Subaru Jake Clare might be driving was most recently seen, in the previous week, in Arizona. They have contacted specialists there. Arizona has now given an AMBER Alert, too.

The Subaru Legacy has now been situated in San Clemente, California, TBI declared in a tweet late Tuesday evening. Agents are attempting to get help from California authorities on getting the message out with regards to the case.

Jake Clare is needed by Gallatin Police for Especially Aggravated Kidnapping and Custodial Interference. He is additionally needed by Beaver Dam, KY Police for Kidnapping and Custodial Interference.

Noah Clare was most recently seen wearing dim warm-up pants, a camo shirt, a dark coat, and dark shoes.

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