Delta Flight Breastfeeding Cat Tiktok – Ainsley Elizabeth Tiktok Cat Updates

Delta Flight Breastfeeding Cat Tiktok – A lady on a Delta Airlines flight allegedly started to breastfeed her feline during the flight and wouldn’t stop when stood up to by the team.
A lady who took a Delta flight as of late wasn’t cat around when she whipped out her bosoms and began taking care of her smooth feline.

The unidentified female flew from Syracuse, NY, to Atlanta, GA, where she was found breastfeeding her cat on the plane. An airline steward told her more than once to pause and return her feline to its enclosure, be that as it may, the lady rejected.
A photograph of the message board was found on Reddit and was posted on Twitter by creator Rick Wilson.
Airline steward Ainsley Elizabeth, who was ready during the occurrence, took to TikTok on Nov. 13
Elizabeth uncovered in another video that security reached out. In any case, she’s uncertain of what befallen the lady and her feline once the stream landed in Atlanta.

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