Jennifer Crumbley Instagram – James Crumbley’s Ex

Jennifer Crumbley Instagram – Michelle Cobb pulls out all the stops while depicting James Crumbley, her ex and the dad of her 18-year-old child.
Cobb said Crumbley left their child and a little girl he had with one more lady in Florida when he moved out of state with Jennifer Crumbley.
Cobb said the issues were not the connections between the grown-ups because she and the mother of Crumbley’s presently 24-year-old girl decided to have companionship for the kids.

However, Cobb said Jimmy (James) and Jennifer consistently searched for ways of censuring and whining about her since they abhorred that he needed to pay kid support for his child, Eli.
She said it was Jennifer Crumbley who was managing everything and that she made it hard for Eli to draw nearer to his father and stepbrother Ethan.
While declaring the choice to charge James and Jennifer Crumbley with four counts of compulsory homicide for the killings their 15-year-old child Ethan supposedly completed at Oxford High School Tuesday, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald highlighted Jennifer’s Instagram post that has now become proof for the situation against the couple.
Cobb said she wouldn’t be astonished in case James and Jennifer bought the self-loader handgun with the aim that it would have a place with their 10th grader.
Cobb said while the Crumbleys were giving Ethan anything Ethan desired, it was a sad battle to get James to pay $67 per week in youngster support when he was procuring a six-figure pay.
Cobb said Jennifer Crumbley made it horrendous for her child to invest energy with his father and Ethan, however, she’s grateful her child got back to Florida not long before the pandemic.
Eli went through around four months visiting the Crumbleys in their Oxford home before choosing to return to reside with his mom.

Cobb said she’s grief-stricken for the families whose youngsters were killed or harmed.
What’s more, she said Ethan and his folks should be considered responsible for their parts in the misfortune.

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