Maralee Nichols Pictures – Personal Trainer Maralee Nichols Gives Birth

Maralee Nichols Pictures – Fitness coach Maralee Nichols has brought forth a child she asserts is fathered by NBA player Tristan Thompson on Thursday, Dec. 2.

The kid was purportedly imagined in Houston, Texas at one of Thompson’s 30th birthday celebration parties in March and would be his third youngster if paternity claims are valid.

Thompson had broadly been involved with reality star Khloe Kardashian, and the Good American originator even enjoyed his 30th birthday celebration with him. It is hazy on the off chance that the couple is still attached right now.
Thompson additionally shares his child Prince, 4, with his ex Jordan Craig.
Nichols, 31, is a fitness coach based out of Houston, yet has since moved to Los Angeles in the wake of becoming pregnant.

She is suing Thompson for kid support, as per court archives got by the Daily Mail.
At the time that the child was imagined, Thompson was said to in any case be involved with Kardashian.

In the kid support documenting, Thompson confessed to having intercourse with Nichols a few times at a lodging after they went to his Bel-Air party together.

Nichols claims the undertaking included her traveling to California to be with Thompson, and surprisingly proceeded even after she had gotten pregnant.
In the paternity suit, Nichols is requesting youngster support just as repayment of clinical costs and pregnancy-related expenses, for example, Lamaze classes, a doula, and pre-birth nutrients.
Nichols additionally needs Thompson to pay for their child’s expenses like infant apparel, recipe, and diapers.

Thompson allegedly needs the case moved to Texas to restrict the measure of kid support Nichols can get and is additionally demanding a paternity test once the child is conceived.
Instant messages supposedly from Thompson to Nichols were likewise delivered that was purportedly a piece of the claim in which it seems Thompson offers Nichols $75,000.
The latest tricking embarrassment between the pair happened recently after model Sydney Chase asserted she had snared with Thompson.
During an April 2021 appearance on the No Jumper webcast, Chase guaranteed Thompson said he was single even though that wasn’t true.
Thompson more than once denied the cases, in any event, making a legitimate move against Chase by documenting a stop this instant.
However Thompson denied the cases, he Kardashian split once the bits of gossip had begun circling on the web.
Regardless of their separation, Kardashian and Thompson were as yet in correspondence and were focused on co-nurturing their girl.

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