Survivor Season 41 Finale Winner – Player Make A $1 Million Mistake

Survivor Season 41 Finale Winner – A significant choice brought about a significant surprise on Survivor 41.
It has generally boiled down to this. Following quite a while of scrambling and sucker punches, all of Jeff Probst’s new curves, and a seriously abbreviated game, the last three arose.

Heather Aldret immediately followed Ricard Foye onto the Survivor 41 jury, leaving just Deshawn Radden, Erika Casupanan and Xander Hastings left. They each pitched their cases and the Sole Survivor was to be sure delegated.

He won the last invulnerability and had the option to choose for himself who out of the leftover contenders he needed to take as far as possible. As a substitute, it likewise directed who might need to battle for their spot in the fire-production challenge. What’s more incredibly, Hastings picked Erika Casupanan for the complimentary lift rather than Heather Aldret.

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