Kim Potter Shooting Video – Shooting Daunte Wright

Kim Potter Shooting Video – Previous Minnesota cop Kim Potter stood up on Friday in her preliminary over the killing of Daunte Wright. Potter shot Wright in April in a Minneapolis suburb later he pulled away from officials who were trying to capture him.
After pulling the vehicle over, sergeant Mychal Johnson showed up for help. Officials took the driver’s data and observed he had a suspended driver’s permit, ridiculous crime, seat warrant for weapons, and an insurance request.

She said she heard official Luckey request that the driver gets out of the vehicle to which the driver at last did. Potter said she accepts Johnson told the driver first that he was set to be locked up and she recalls official Luckey telling the driver he was set to be taken to jail, as well. Potter then, at that point, cautioned the driver that he had a warrant.

Wright’s passing came as another White previous official, Derek Chauvin, was being investigated for the killing of George Floyd.

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