Fort Myers Tornado Damage – Tornado Rips Through South Fort Myers

Fort Myers Tornado Damage – A cyclone tore through South Fort Myers Tuesday, crushing pool confines and felling trees onto vehicles while winds blasts almost arrived at typhoon status.

Something like one individual was harmed Tuesday, as per interviews led by The News-Press on the scene.
Flannery said the underlying harm gauge is around $500,000.

Wind harm should have been visible in the Eagle Ridge people group, where pool confines were squashed and outside furniture littered across yards. A palm tree squashed a vehicle at one home.
Solid breezes snapped trees and signs and harmed pool enclosures and rooftops.
Catrina Kuspe of Seattle, visiting the Twin Eagle home of her mom and father-in-law Bill and Bonnie Kuspe, was cut by flying glass when a piece of the home’s shades crashed through a window.
Her better half Aaron Kruspe said his significant other may likewise have a broken bone in her grasp.
Kruspe said his significant other’s hand was crushed in an entryway, and they were en route to the medical clinic.
Florida Power and Light detailed a huge number of blackouts Tuesday on its site, with most of those blackouts extending from downtown Fort Myers to Bonita Springs and the North Naples region.

Lee County Electric Cooperative delegates were not accessible for input Tuesday, yet an organization telephone message said more than 5,000 clients were without power as of 12:25 p.m. Tuesday.
Tidy up endeavors began promptly Tuesday along Twin Eagle Lane and at Eagle Ridge Golf Course, which was likewise harmed.

Roofers and different workers for hire should have been visible going door to door offering assessments and taking count of harms to various homes, some with light harm, some with major underlying issues.

Rooftop harm was the most pervasive issue, with the lanai giving a nearby second.

Susan Johnson and her child, Todd Johnson, were not home Tuesday morning when high breezes from a potential twister harmed their Twin Eagle Lane home. In any case, Todd Johnson’s sweetheart, Tina Richards was.
The Johnson home endured rooftop and extreme lanai confine harm, about equivalent to many different homes along Twin Eagle Lane.

Jeff Haugh of 7301 Twin Eagle had the incident to purchase another SUV last week. Tuesday morning the vehicle lay crushed under a palm tree that fell on the center of the vehicle.

A large portion of the heavier downpours halted promptly toward the beginning of the day, yet the breezes kept on seething for a long time thereafter.

Flannery said meteorologists utilize a reiteration of variables to decide when a tempest is a real cyclone or simply an extremely weighty tempest.
Three of the inside rooms at the home of Manju Bose along Twin Eagle Lane were scoured by the breeze Tuesday later windows were broken out by flotsam and jetsam.
Bose, 70, heard the breeze rising and concealed herself in a stroll in the storage room.
She was astonished, she said in the wake of leaving her lanai to see the harm and finding a table set with dishes immaculate.

U.S. 41 extensions over the Peace River were shut piece of Tuesday.

The solid front will bring cooler, drier temperatures to the locale over the following, not many days, however highs will again move toward 80 degrees on Christmas Day.

Ongoing highs have been somewhat better than expected, now and again topping at 85 degrees.

The air has been damp too.

This front, nonetheless, will bring some help Wednesday through Friday as lows will be in the upper 50s to 60s.
The normal high for Christmas Day in Fort Myers is 76 degrees with a low of 56 degrees, Flannery said.

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