Did Monty Kill Bonnie and Foxy – FNAF Security Breach

Did Monty Kill Bonnie and Foxy – Bonnie is one of the primary adversaries in the FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s series). He is an animatronic rabbit and is the guitarist in Freddy’s band. He shows up on the left half of the stage.

He comes as Withered Bonnie, his wilted manifestation, in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. Bonnie and other animatronics were spooky by the youngsters who got killed by William Afton. A portion of the game’s fans accepts that Monty may have killed Bonnie. He may need to accomplish something with the vanishing of the rabbit.

One superfan saw that numerous signs were paving the way to Bonnie’s vanishing in Security Breach. According to the signs, beforehand the rabbit was a piece of the fundamental gathering. Nonetheless, he left commission and got filled in by Monty.
The circumstance was awful for Bonnie as Monty began getting more acclaim, and the rabbit was never delivered once again from the commission.
George endeavors to endure the chase after five FNAF characters with the assistance of Freddy Fazbear.

The game is yet to declare why Bonnie isn’t in the most recent delivery. A few fans additionally saw that Foxy isn’t in the FNAF’s down.
Bonnie, a pillar character, will presently don’t show up in the most recent arrival of FNAF Security Breach in any major or minor job. All things considered, he will show up as an appearance all through the gaming series. In-game notes uncovered that Bonnie got supplanted by Mony in FNAF Security Breach. Fans accept he was down and out, and Monty filled in for him.

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