Close the Sale and Then Keep the Relationship Strong


Picture this transpiring. As of late you made a noteworthy buy, one that you plan to make just at regular intervals on account of the high cost included. Amid the time you chatted with the business proficient, he influenced you to feel extremely uncommon.

Actually, he welcomed your life partner excitedly, and disclosed to her what a charming puppy she was holding. He asked: “Reveal to me about this hide ball in your arms. I’ll wager she is the ruler of your home.”


Acknowledging you were not an innovation master, he clarified and showed what you had to think about the intricate gear. Despite the fact that you posed a greater number of inquiries than most clients presumably would, he reacted to every one persistently.

You purchased the item, and you cleared out the foundation conversing with your companion about how supportive and thoughtful the business rep had been.

Luckily, the item served you well. All things considered, after four months, with no sentiment freeze, you saw a flickering light you had not known about already. So you went to the administration division, got some information about, and found a brisk solution telling you didn’t have an issue.


Before you left the building, you thought: “While I’m here, I’ll simply go say hello to Arlin (not his genuine name) who was so well disposed and supportive when I was choosing what to get.” You discovered Arlin, moved toward him, gave him your name, and reminded him the amount you respected his data and exhortation months back.

Arlin’s tasteless response stunned you. You knew you were conversing with similar deals rep, yet you felt none of the glow that appeared to be so bona fide before you agreed to accept the portion installments.

This time he posed no inquiries about your utilization of the item, and you accepted that on the off chance that you had the pooch with you now he wouldn’t remark about your dearest pet. Nearly as fast as your discussion with Arlin began, he said as he left, “Great to see you, a debt of gratitude is in order for making proper acquaintance.”

I know how frustrated you would be on the off chance that you felt for all intents and purposes overlooked by your already bubbling deals fellow. I know since I was the purchaser for this situation.

Gracious yes, the organization sent me a decent thank you blessing a couple of days after my buy. I valued that. Considerably more, I would have acknowledged Arlin inviting me back as imperially as he had invited me at first.

Each one of us in deals can take an imperative lesson from this after-the-deal involvement. To be specific this: the duty of the business expert to treat the client with genuine concern does not end when the check clears the bank, the charge card experiences, the FICO score is ideal, or the item leaves the foundation.

The client mind we appear at the start must stay at a similar level of essentialness and truthfulness whenever we chat with the purchaser. Our expert picture and the notoriety of our organization rely upon maintained steady associations with our customers.

Bill Lampton, Ph.D.- – “Business Communication Guy”- instructed at the University of Georgia, and after that burned through two decades in administration before framing his organization, Championship Communication. He has coordinated deals workshops for real partnerships and independent companies. His best level customer list incorporates Gillette, Sage, Duracell, Missouri Bar, Procter and Gamble, and Ritz-Carlton Cancun.

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