How to Prune Your Trees and Shrubs


At the start, it merits expressing that no article of this nature can be utilized for pruning counsel on a particular plant, tree, shrubbery or bush.

That is on the grounds that every specie will have its own extraordinary attributes that will have been completely archived and that ought to incorporate particular guidance on the best way to prune it.


Be that as it may, here are a couple of general contemplations in case you’re totally new to cultivating or this part of it. Keep in mind however to temper this with particular research on the plant you’re thinking about. Remember too that not all specialists concede to these things and pruning exhortation can be fervently!

At the point when

As far as the timetable, a ton relies on the season and that relies on where you are. Unmistakably, Victoria’s winter will be an alternate issue to that in tropical Far North Queensland!


All things considered however, it’s normally a smart thought for some species to consider pruning when the plant is torpid or entering its lethargic season. For some assortments, that is normally as pre-winter advances into winter.

There are special cases however, where it’s best to prune as the plant is simply leaving its torpid stages since that is the point at which it’s at its most fiery and most ready to adapt to wounds.


One reason many supporter pruning in the winter is that it’s additionally the season when many bugs, infections and different types of “awful” are likewise retiring until tomorrow.

When you prune a plant, by definition you’re causing a small twisted. That can be a state of section for different things to get in and assault it. In this way, the hypothesis goes that if the nasties are additionally lethargic then the plant has an opportunity to self-mend the injury without getting promptly assaulted on the site of it.

At times, for the most part with bigger pruning occupations including trees, it’s conceivable to cover ‘the injury’ with different items intended to avert invasion and disease on the site. They’re regularly called sealants or something comparative.

This has been improved the situation hundreds of years with common items and all the more as of late with tar and higher-tech arrangements from mist concentrates and so forth.

Is this prudent however? All things considered, it relies on who you accept.

Today, most plant and garden specialists will inform against the utilization with respect to sealants as they contend that such items essentially hinder the tree or bush’s own particular mending capacities. There are as yet numerous however who contend despite what might be expected.

You’ll have to do some examination and shape your own feeling. On the off chance that you have a decent neighborhood supplier of something like Krone feed gear or farming apparatus, they’ll additionally be a decent wellspring of exhortation and data.


Once more, there are more suppositions on this one that stars in the sky!

What we have here is an exceptionally broad blend of only some of this exhortation:

keep your pruning cuts as straight as could be allowed. Your goal is to attempt and diminish the range of the injury presented to the air – incredible spiked crisscross or precise injuries won’t enable you to accomplish that and they’ll look appalling to boot;

endeavor to abstain from cutting into the fundamental trunk if at all conceivable;

prune in accordance with the primary trunk, if conceivable;

prune branches connected to the principle trunk intently to the storage compartment if required however attempt to leave a couple of centimeters. That decreases hazard to the storage compartment itself.

One evident tip – remain safe! Employing secateurs and power swords in and around trees can be hazardous for the tree and for you in case you’re unpracticed!

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