A kayaking guide and a gathering of voyagers saw an extraordinary life-and-passing battle between a huge hide seal and a monstrous octopus in New Zealand prior this week.

The epic encounter occurred at South Bay, on New Zealand’s South Island on June 20, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Conner Stapley, a guide with Kaikoura Kayaks, saw whipping on the surface of the water and soon understood that the extensive male seal was assaulting the octopus. Stapley and the three travelers he was going with got front line seats to the grim fight, which was won by the ravenous seal.

The seal may have dragged the octopus up from the sea floor, as indicated by the New Zealand Herald, which takes note of that the goliath mollusk wound up as the seal’s lunch.

Different gatherings from Kaikoura Kayaks have seen apparently observed comparative pieces, which can last up to 20 minutes.

Stapley recorded Tuesday’s shocking tussle on his iPhone, as indicated by the Mirror. The 265 lb. seal tore the octopus separated leg by leg.

This octopus had no possibility truly. Seals love gobbling them and will eat up to 7kg of octopus a day, around here it is a staple piece of their eating regimen,” Stapley said.

The recording has created a lot of buzz.

The Mirror reports this is not the first occasion when that a fight between a seal and an octopus has been gotten on camera. In 2015, a harbor seal and a mammoth Pacific octopus were shot battling off Ogden Point in Canada. That fight was additionally won by the seal.


Extraordinary film from different creatures has likewise been caught. A year ago, for instance, shocking automaton film from a whale watch in California uncovered a gathering of seaward executioner whales eating an as yet living shark.

Prior this year, a “phenomenal” orca chasing furor was likewise gotten on film.

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