The CBC had no intention to meet with Trump: Omarosa


Omarosa Manigault, the chief of interchanges in the White House Office of Public Liaison, examined Thursday why the Congressional Black Caucus declined to have a subsequent meeting with President Trump.

“Getting together again and again to work through these issues is the main viable approach to get where they needed to go, and rather they are showboating and they are really shorting out their constituents that they resolved to speak to by not coming,” she disclosed to FOX Business’ Charles Payne.


Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., seat of the CBC, alongside different pioneers of the association met with the president in March. On Wednesday, Richmond sent a letter to Trump disclosing the choice to decay, refering to the “absence of reaction to a large portion of the worries” the CBC has raised with the present White House. The letter additionally said the a great many individuals the association speaks to “have a considerable measure to lose” under the present organization.

In spite of the CBC declining the demand, Manigault said she will proceed with her push to help the African-American people group.

“I’m not going to be demoralized by the absence of authority by Cedric Richmond and his choice not to meet with the president. They need to concentrate on employments, they need to concentrate on the economy, on instruction, on wrongdoing, on security and as a result of these shenanigans by the CBC, that doesn’t mean they can’t get their issues listened,” she said.


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