Vietnam – A Brief Tourism Guide for Business Travelers


Vietnam is a blasting focus of worldwide business, with a very talented workforce and emphatically developing economy showing extraordinary open doors. In any case, in the event that you visit this charming nation on business yet return home without investing a little energy as a vacationer then you’ll be passing up a great opportunity. Vietnam has a gigantic add up to offer, from dazzling landscape to incredible sustenance, and, obviously, a solid feeling of late history.

Go around Vietnam is to some degree convoluted in light of its geology. The two primary urban areas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) are at for all intents and purposes inverse closures of this long, thin nation which measures around 1000 miles from north to south, while being now and again close to 32 miles east to west. The separation between the urban communities is best gone via plane, taking barely two hours. Despite the fact that a flight will mean passing up a major opportunity for encountering the thickly forested good countries of the nation’s inside, Vietnamese trains are for the most part stuffed, moderate, and temperamental, and the excursion will take up to a day and a half.


Vietnam’s capital Hanoi is arranged in the north of the nation, settled in a twist of the Red River Delta. As befitting a city with a history spreading over more than a thousand years, there is bounty to see and do. The Old Quarter offers all the commotion, clamor and climate you’d anticipate from this most South East Asian of urban areas, where audacious eaters can appreciate a portion of the best road sustenance on the planet. The glad legacy of the city is communicated in incalculable lavish sanctuaries and old landmarks, set close by sentimental nineteenth century engineering and ultra-present day business structures.

A little further abroad, Ha Long Bay, a little more than 100 miles from Hanoi, is a goal certainly justified regardless of a visit on the off chance that you can discover the time. Perceived as a World Heritage Site, this beach front idyll highlights emotional limestone columns and islets ascending from emerald oceans, and is a shelter of peace and quietness in spite of being the main Vietnamese vacation spot.

Hanoi offers an abundance of convenience alternatives, from 5 star lodgings, for example, the Hilton Hanoi Opera to the respected Sofitel Metropole which can guarantee Charlie Chaplin, Jane Fonda, and numerous more as praised visitors.


Ho Chi Minh City, far in the south of the nation on the Mekong Delta, is maybe more broadly known as Saigon even to its more than eight million tenants. Guests can appreciate the French pilgrim air of the more established parts of town, and in addition the more present day locale of a city that lately has developed to equal close neighbors, for example, Singapore and Bangkok as a powerhouse of South East Asia.

And in addition being the monetary and business focus of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City additionally has a rich and harried history which the guest is never far expelled from. From the claustrophobic Cu Chi Tunnels to the War Remnants Museum, the city and encompassing regions are brimming with solid indications of the injury of the nation’s current past, yet in addition of the exceptional change in fortunes from that point forward.

As Vietnam’s biggest city, Saigon is honored with a wide selection of spots to remain. Mama Maison is somewhat way out of the downtown area however compensates for that with its sentimental, extraordinary French air, while the Cinnamon Hotel in District One offers present day comforts in the core of the town.

Vietnam is a nation rich in attractions for the guest, so regardless of how tight your timetable, investigating what the nation brings to the table past business potential outcomes is an open door not to be missed.

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